Unpleasant Surprise in the Law Journal

The February 11, 2020 Connecticut Law Journal has an unpleasant surprise for appellate practitioners: an amendment to § 63-4 effective, guess when?, on February 11, 2020.

The amendment is to the list of items that must be in the docketing statement filed within 10 days after filing the appeal. The addition is a new § 63-4(3)(C) ­­­­requiring a statement in all appeals as to whether a criminal or civil protection order or a civil restraining order was requested or issued during any of the underlying proceedings. I understand this amendment was made on an ­expedited basis so that the clerk’s office will be in compliance with federal privacy law.

At the same time, the amendment expands the scope of what is now subdivision (E) to include habeas as well as criminal cases.

Lawyers filing appeals now must take note of these changes or your docketing statement will be returned by the clerk’s office.

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