Connecticut Supreme Court Adopts New Policy for Amicus Briefs

In March 2019, the Connecticut Supreme Court announced a new policy regarding the solicitation of amicus briefs. Previously, the Court had issued invitations to specific organizations in some cases to submit amicus briefs. Under the new policy, the Court will issue a general invitation in specific cases for such briefs. The invitation will indicate the issue the brief should address, briefing requirements, deadlines, and any other information relevant to the invitation. When such invitations are issued, the requirement of requesting permission to appear as an amicus is waived. The Court also created an email list for those who want an alert to such invitations. Those interested in receiving such notices can submit their email address to the Appellate Clerk at

Those wishing to file an amicus brief need not wait for such an invitation but can request permission pursuant to Practice Book § 67-7 within the time for doing so, usually within 20 days of the party the amicus wants to support. If a would-be amicus learns about a case after the deadline, the amicus should include a separate section in the motion explaining why the late motion should be granted. See Practice Book 66-3.

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