The Rules of The Library - 1905

Wes recently found his grandfather’s yearbook from New Britain High School 1905. The look is different from those published nowadays, but it demonstrates the wit of the students with tongue-in-cheek advice which, with slight explanation, transcends the decades. Below is one such offering.

“Rules of the Library

1. Do not get passes to the Library if you intend to work; the Library is no place for that.

2. Use all the red ink you wish; there is plenty more. Very pretty effects may be obtained by drawing strings dipped in red ink across peoples’ books and hands and faces.

3. The more paste you can daub on Freshmen the better.

4. If a Hurdy-Gurdy is heard, run to the windows and look out; that is what windows are made for.

5. Ask Miss Frey all the questions you can think of; she likes to answer them.

6. If you are told to leave the room, don’t go; you must not believe everything you hear.”

P.S. We assume Miss Frey is the librarian and feel it is safe to also assume she was not fond of inquiries.

P.P.S. I looked up Hurdy-Gurdy – according to Merriam-Webster, it is some kind of a stringed instrument. For our purposes, I think we should substitute ice-cream truck in there.

P.P.P.S. Even in humor, words of wisdom can be found - at least in that very last clause.

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