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B.S., Saint Michael’s College, 1993
Quinnipiac University School of Law, 2003
J.D., magna cum laude


State of Connecticut, 2003
State of New York, 2006
U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut, 2004
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, 2009
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, 2014
United States Supreme Court, 2015
Licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, 2016

United States Virgin Islands, Pro Hac Vice, 2019

United States Virgin Islands, Regular Admission, 2020


AV Peer Review Rated, Martindale Hubbell
Listed in 
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Listed in Super Lawyers, since 2013

Listed in Super Lawyers, Rising Stars 2009-2012


Appeals in state and federal courts in Connecticut; Professional Disciplinary Matters; Ethics Consultations and Bar Admissions; Civil Litigation; Insurance Defense.

Attorney Levesque joined the firm in August of 2004 after serving as a clerk for now Chief Judge DiPentima of the Connecticut Appellate Court. Attorney Levesque was made a principal of the firm on January 1, 2009.  Attorney Levesque is the managing partner for Horton, Dowd, Bartschi & Levesque, P.C.


Attorney Levesque represents clients in civil, family, and criminal appeals before the Connecticut Appellate Courts and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. He also represents clients on appeals in termination of parental rights cases. Attorney Levesque is a member of the Litigation Section of the Connecticut Bar. In January of 2008, Attorney Levesque was an adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut School of Law, co-teaching the Moot Court Interterm. He has co-taught Appellate Advocacy at UCONN School of Law with Attorney Wesley Horton since 2013.


Attorney Levesque represents attorneys before grievance panels, in public hearings before the Statewide Grievance Committee, and in presentments and appeals. He also represents candidates for bar admission before the Bar Examining Committee. Attorney Levesque counsels clients as to compliance with the State of Connecticut Code of Ethics, and represents clients regarding complaints, investigations, and evaluations by the Office of State Ethics and before the Citizen’s Ethics Advisory Board. He presents seminars on risk management and ethics to law firms.  Attorney Levesque is a member of the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers.


Attorney Levesque has annually co-authored the Ethics Review in the Bar Journal since 2009. To review those articles, please click on the following hyperlinks:  2009201020112012, 2013 and 2014, 2015. (Reprinted with permission from the Connecticut Bar Association).


Attorney Levesque handles civil litigation in Connecticut’s state and federal trial courts. He regularly represents companies, insurers, and individuals in trial matters ranging from personal injury to product liability. Attorney Levesque also consults with trial counsel in matters where there is a likelihood of an appeal.

Attorney Levesque co-authors the Connecticut Practice Book Annotated.  He also co-authors the Connecticut Juvenile Law book published by Thomson Reuters. He co-authored Connecticut Insurance Law with Attorneys Dowd and Taylor.


Attorney Levesque is co-author of “The Wheeler Court” with Attorney Horton for the Quinnipiac University Law Review, an article focusing on the Connecticut Supreme Court from 1910 through 1930. With Attorney Horton,  he co-authored “The Maltbie Court” for the University of Connecticut Law Review (Vol. 39, No. 5, July, 2007). Attorney Levesque authored “Preparing for your first Appellate Argument” which was published in the Connecticut Lawyer, Vol. 18, No. 12 and co-authored two chapters of Attorney Horton’s book, “The History of the Connecticut Supreme Court,” Thomson/West, 2008.  He recently authored “The Development of the Right to Remain Silent,” with Attorney Scott Garosshen, which was published in the Journal of the Connecticut Supreme Court Historical Society, Volume IX. Reprinted with the permission of the Connecticut Supreme Court Historical Society.  (Connecticut Supreme Court Historical Society copyright, 2017).  In addition, Attorney Levesque has co-taught Appellate Advocacy at the University of Connecticut School of Law with Attorney Horton since 2013.


Some of the more notable cases in which Attorney Levesque has argued or been substantially involved include:


       Clements v. Aramark Corp., No. 20167, 2021 WL 2603187 (Conn. June 24, 2021)

       DeLeo v. Equale & Cirone, LLP, 202 Conn. App. 650, cert. denied, 336 Conn. 927 (2021)

       Alpha Beta Cap. Partners, L.P. v. Pursuit Inv. Mgmt., LLC, 198 Conn. App. 671, 234 A.3d 997 (2020)

       Lyme Land Conservation Tr., Inc. v. Platner, 334 Conn. 279 (2019)

        Bilbao v. Goodwin, 217 A.3d 977 (Conn. 2019)

       Mayer-Wittmann v. ZBA, 333 Conn. 624 (2019)

       Alpha Beta Capital Partners, L.P. v. Pursuit Investment Management, LLC, 193 Conn. App. 381 (2019) 

       Demond v. Project Serv., LLC, 331 Conn. 816 (2019)

       Jordan v. Biller, 184 Conn. App. 848 (2018)

       Disciplinary Counsel v. Hickey, 328 Conn. 688 (2018)

       Deleo v. Equale and Cirone, LLP, 180 Conn. App. 744 (2018)

        In re Egypt, 327 Conn. 506 (2018)

        State v. Boykin, 179 Conn. App. 175 (2018)

        Deane v. Kahn, 179 Conn. App. 58 (2018)

        Cusano v . LaJoie, 178 Conn. App. 605 (2017)

        Gabriel v. Gabriel, 324 Conn. 324 (2016)
        Marciano v. Jimenez, 324 Conn. 70 (2016)
        Keller v. Keller, 323 Conn. 398 (2016)
        Doe v. Boy Scouts of America Corp., 323 Conn. 303 (2016)
        Keller v. Keller, 167 Conn. App. 138, cert. denied, 323 Conn. 922 (2016)
        In re Egypt E., 322 Conn. 231 (2016)
        Chowdhury v. Masiat,161 Conn. App. 314 (2015)
        Kumah v. Brown, 160 Conn. App. 798 (2015)
        Keller v. Keller, 319 Conn. 906 (2015) (granting cert. as to 158 Conn. App. 538)
        First Am. Title Ins. Co. v. 273 Water St., LLC, 157 Conn. App. 23 (2015)
        Caraballo v. Elec. Boat Corp., 315 Conn. 704 (2015)
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        Greenan v. Greenan, 150 Conn. App. 289, cert. denied, 314 Conn. 902 (2014)
        Historic District Commission of the Borough of Fenwick, 152 Conn. App. 161,

                  cert. denied, 214 Conn. 933 (2014)
        Holth v. Chelsea Groton Bank, 143 Conn. App. 732, cert. denied, 310 Conn. 911 (2013)
        Tuckman v. Tuckman, 308 Conn. 194 (2013)
        In re Messiah S., 138 Conn. App. 606, cert. denied, 307 Conn. 935 (2012)
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        Foley v. State Elections Enforcement Comm’n, 297 Conn. 764 (2010)
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